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Mixed with the number of spices, original ingredients, years of experience and cooked with love is what it takes to make an authentic and original South Indian Cuisines. When it comes to an Indian Food, we may get a feeling of innumerable and colorful spices, unexpected yet pleasant tastes, exciting and refreshing aromas. All this sets our expectations pretty high when it comes to an Indian Food and Cuisines. Rasa Asian Street Food brings to the original taste of South Indian Cuisine in Orlando, Central Florida.

Rasa offers the same authentic taste of South Indian Cuisine and in Orlando. Although the restaurant offers South Indian Food and also Indo Chinese dishes all together having wide range of selection of delicious South Indian Food in Central Florida. We can choose from the tasty dosas, uttapams, Idlis, Wadas with the number of options like sambar, fresh and juicy coconut chutney, tomato chutney, etc. We’d enjoy dosas like paper masala dosa, cheese roast dosa, mysore masala dosa, paneer bhurji dosa kadi podi dosa, etc. These are among the most liked and most demanded. Uttapams brings the real taste of vegetables, chillies, onions in a very different and tasty way which no one will ever regret to taste. Fresh and juicy coconut chutney and tomato chutney simply embellishes the cuisines. And how can we forget about the yummy and delicious sambar, a perfect combination of nutrients and taste. Nutrient rich pulses, real and authentic Indian spices bring the feeling of South India right here in Orlando. Special menu for kids is just perfect for our little ones. The taste of South India can also be felt in the lemon, coconut and tomato rice which is served with the tangy pickle and crunchy papad. The menu also has variety of different Indian Food like medhu vada, chilly pakora, samosa chaat, dahi aloo poori which can take us right to the local street of India within the comfort of Florida. With the variety of soups, noodles and appetizers, Rasa also treats its customer with the refreshing and satisfying Beverages like mango milk shake, chilled thandai, mango lassi, chaas, kokum sherbat and pure coconut water. We can even enjoy our tasty food with old and vintage wines at Rasa.

There are number of wines and beer to at bar Rasa. Rasa also experiments a number of different dishes to bring something tastier and yummier than ever before. Enjoying the South Indian Food in Central Florida with such a refreshing beverages leaves a memorable experience. We can have our private dining get organized with Rasa. It also offers party service to make the occasion more special and memorable. Food lovers would like to enjoy and relish the real taste of South Indian Cuisine in Orlando.

Only the Real & Authentic Taste of South Indian Cuisines.

Eat at Rasa and experience the original and authentic South Indian Food in Orlando. We can reserve our seats at Rasa Asian Street Food right away by calling them or visiting their website and rejuvenate with the delicious South Indian Cuisines in Orlando. Gift a surprise dinner to the loved ones or arrange a business lunch for associates, leave a impression that they never forget and experience the real taste of India. The only place to enjoy most delicious Urban Indian Cuisine in Orlando, Central Florida. Being away from India was never ever so tastier than it is now with Rasa Asian Street Food.

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7730 West Sand Lake Road,
Orlando, FL 32819

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11:30 AM – 03:00 PM

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05:00 PM – 10:00 PM

05:00 PM – 10:30 PM